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Financial Planning for the Future

Life Insurance is a critical part of financial planning and security for your family, protecting your loved one’s ability to continue their way of life.

What is the Purpose of Life Insurance?

Why do you need Life Insurance?

Products to Safeguard Your Financial Future

Term Life

Protect Your Family in the Event of the Unexpected with Term Life Insurance

Return of Premium

Maximize Your Money with Return of Premium Life Insurance

Whole Life

Understanding Your Reasons for Whole Life Insurance

Simplified Issue Whole Life

Streamlining the Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance Process

Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

A Brief Comparison of Types of Life Insurance

Term Life
Return of Premium
Whole Life Insurance
Length of Term
Usually 15, 20, or 30 years
Usually 15, 20, or 30 years
Lifetime benefits as long as premiums are paid
Lowest cost
Low cost
Higher cost
Cash Value
None, unless insured dies
All premiums returned at end of term if not used
Increases and grows with time – shows on your balance sheet
Tax benefits
not taxable pay no taxes on death benefit
not taxable pay no taxes on death benefit
not taxable pay no taxes on death benefit
Can I borrow against the value?

The Family Plan Solution

The Benefits of Life Insurance

Why Independent Insurance Brokers LLC

Independent Insurance Brokers LLC has been in the insurance business for 20 years. We love to meet new people and help them find solutions that will help them and their loved ones.

Independent Insurance Brokers LLC takes the guesswork out of insurance planning by providing a money-back feature for your life insurance through Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company, which has been in business for 100 years.

Life insurance helps to ensure that if the unexpected happens, your loved ones will have the funds to help cover expenses, maintain their standard of living, and keep their plans for the future intact. You can experience peace of mind knowing your family is protected from the unexpected, and you will receive the return of your premiums at the end of the term if nothing does happen!

Exceptional Customer Service


Years of Serving Texas and Southwest America

30+ Products Available in 47 States


Family-Owned Responsibly Operated

What do you receive?

Savings, Protection, Retirement

Return of Premium Life Insurance. A lump sum of money comes in 20 years or 30 years, your choice. This lump sum is a tax-free endowment, a return of all your monthly premiums for the entire 20 or 30 years. No medical exam is required!

You are protected by a life insurance policy for $100,000, $150,000, or $249,499 for the entire period until all your premiums are returned. Higher protection is available with a rider on your policy.

Are you paying for term life insurance but regret the monthly cost because when the term expires you will have nothing? With a return of premium policy from Independent Insurance Brokers LLC, you will receive all your premiums back.

Are you trying to save for a long-term goal, but you find yourself using your savings every time an urgent expense surprises you? With the return of premium policy from independent insurance brokers LLC, your monthly premium will continue, and your account will be preserved for you until the date you select at the beginning.

That sounds like a perfect solution for many of your concerns!

Does your money always seem to run out before you take care of these priorities?


You know several things you should be saving up for, but the urgent demands of today prevent you from important savings for your important priorities and goals. You might want to save for retirement, college, a home, or for an important life goal.


You’re concerned about providing for someone if something should happen to you. How would they replace your income? What about the mortgage in the house? College funds? Do you feel you don’t have enough income to cover both savings and protection?

This plan is solid and reliable!

  • The company that provides this policy is Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company, a major company in the making over a 110-year period. You can find their history since 1910 on their website under “Our History”.

  • The founder of Independent Insurance Brokers LLC has been in the insurance industry for 20 years.

  • Illinois Mutual Insurance Company is a mutual company, which means that it is owned by its policyholders. There are no shareholders “living high” from the profits. The earnings are used to reduce the premiums of the policy holders and strengthen the financial standing of the company.

What are your other concerns or questions?

Some people are hesitant to get a medical exam. There is no medical exam required if you are under 60 and you select the policy coverage of less than $250,000.

To discover what your monthly premium would be for $100,000, $150,000, or $249,999 for 20 or 30 years, fill in your name, age, and the state you live in below. We’ll send you an email with what your monthly premium would be.

Your phone number is optional. If you have questions for us, call one 800, or put your phone number below to receive a friendly call and have your questions answered.

There is no pressure or hype at Independent Insurance Brokers LLC. We want to help you if it is beneficial for you or your loved ones. We are an easygoing group whose interest is in serving others.

God bless you!


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